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OriginIoTTM systems are developed with OriginGPS patented technology

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Cellular IoT technology

Cellular IoT ideally meets the requirements of low-power, long-range applications and also fits well with applications where only a small amount of data is transmitted infrequently.

OriginGPS focuses on developing technologies that accelerate the productization of IoT devices. We leverage our GNSS expertise to integrate high quality GPS in our cellular IoT systems.


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The OriginIoT is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Cellular Technologies

  • LTE Cat-1
    LTE Cat-1 is an excellent option for IoT applications requiring a browser interface or voice. It is already standardized, and it’s simple to transition into the Cat-1 network, as these are globally prevalent today.
  • LTE Cat-M1
    LTE Cat-M1 is compatible with the existing LTE network, and technology coverage is quickly spreading as it is designed for low power consumption and low priced modules. In other words, ideal for IoT projects.
  • NB-IoT
    NB-IoT is considered the potentially less expensive option, and more suitable for IoT purposes. It features narrower bandwidth and quicker response time.

OriginGPS cellular IoT technology creates

OriginIoTTM systems with the following characteristics:

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